Kids get free hot cocoa at participating In-N-Out locations


Free stuff is our kinda stuff! Participating In-N-Out locations are giving away free hot cocoa! Oh, but there’s a catch.

When it comes to amazing deals, especially freebies, we’re skeptical and immediately wonder what the catch is. Most of the time, there’s no catch, but when it comes to these “free” cups of delicious hot cocoa at In-N-Out, there sorta is.

Hot cocoa at In-N-Out isn’t really breaking news. Last month, the fast food restaurant began offering these (for $1.60 each) to help warm up customers this winter season. Marshmallows are even an option! But it wasn’t until this week that word got out participating locations were handing out cups of hot cocoa to kids (yes, kids only, sorry) for free! The catch? Only on rainy days, folks.

Also, we’re not sure if this is for all locations nationwide or select areas only. California locations are, though. To make things a bit worse, kids must be present when you order, so you can’t even have one for yourself unless your kiddo wants to share or give it up. Maybe offer them a side of extra fries as a fair trade? Dessert?

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I bet you hated rainy days before, but now they’ll give us a reason to smile. Well, maybe only if you’re under the age of 12 or can convince your kid to get you one. But still!

If you’re disappointed, McDonald’s has news for ya! Shamrock Shakes are now available through March 24 at participating locations! Find out more, here. Additionally, McDonald’s donut sticks are about to make their big debut come February 20.

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Will you be taking to kids to your nearest In-N-Out the next time the sun doesn’t shine bright? Don’t forget the marshmallows!