Molecular Coffee could save the planet


We have a new coffee to try out coffee fans. But Molecular Coffee is not just a new flavor it’s a coffee that could save the planet.

Molecular Coffee is coming and it’s here to save the world. Created by Atomo Coffee, it will be the first-ever coffee made with zero coffee beans. An artificial coffee, that is to look, and taste, like the real thing, it is effectively the next ground breaking food substitute.

But rather than just aiming to substitute coffee, Molecular Coffee has a bigger agenda.

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The benefits of the new coffee are first of all for the consumer. With the aim of reducing the bitterness that can be left with coffee, usually masked with the addition of cream and sugar, it should improve your overall coffee taste.

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However, the major benefit is how it will address the growing problem of supply and demand. Currently, coffee tree farmers are struggling to meet the demand and with global issues such as drought and climate change disrupting the supply of coffee beans, it won’t be long until the demand can no longer be met by the supply.

This is where Molecular coffee can come in and ease the demand. Artificial coffee can be used to plug the gap that the supply is struggling to meet.

All of this is still in the early stages. Atomo Coffee recently launched on Kickstarter and are aiming to ship their first bags of Molecular Coffee in the fourth quarter of the year. Market research appears to be the main focus at the moment, a recent study was conducted according to Food Navigator, with the artificial coffee being compared to Starbucks.

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What do you think about artificial coffee? Would you drink a cup knowing it wasn’t actual coffee? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.