Restaurants open on Family Day 2019


Here are the restaurants open on Family Day 2019. Because there is nothing worse than trying to find someplace to eat when it is a national holiday.

The third Monday of every February is Presidents Day in America. But in Canada, it is Family Day. Or at least it is for the Canadian provinces of Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick. The day is to celebrate the importance of family within the community and is recognized like any other holiday. So, plenty of places close their doors and people get out and about. But what about restaurants? What restaurants open on Family Day 2019?

So, while it may be a recognized holiday it is not viewed in the same way as the likes of Christmas or New Year’s Day. What you tend to find is non-essential services close for the day, but your essential services remain open as normal as do your big retailers.

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Which means it is very likely your favorite restaurant will be open today on Family Day. However, they may be operating under holiday hours rather than their regular opening hours, so you do need to take an extra step before flying off to grab a bite to eat.

What you want to do is reach out to the restaurant directly. So, whichever one you have in mind, search for them online via Google or another search engine tool. Take note of the contact telephone number and use that to ring the restaurant directly.

You can then find out if they are open for sure and how long they are open for as well. You might even want to consider booking a reservation as well. It could be busier than normal so may come in handy.

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What have you got planned on this Family Day? Will you be visiting a restaurant at some point? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.