Is Starbucks open on President’s Day?


Craving your favorite drink at Starbucks, but not sure if they open on President’s Day?

Wondering if you should make a quick trip to Starbucks to grab your favorite coffee or tea (or both) but not sure if it’s open today, February 18, for President’s Day?

Today, most government building are closed for business! This includes most major retailers and businesses that normally open their doors during the week. Even schools are closed for President’s Day. But when it comes to fast food restaurants, only big holidays keep them down! This means, Starbucks is ready to serve you!

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President’s Day is a holiday for citizens to take time and look back at past presidents of the United States and remember the good work they did for the country. Do you have a favorite president you admire? Some president’s, including the current, President Donald Trump, even love fast food.

If you’re taking the day off today, enjoy it! Stop by (or order delivery) your local Starbucks to have your favorite coffee, and don’t forget to indulge in their taste sugar cookies, as well.

Want more to celebrate? You got it! Today is also National Drink Wine Day! Will you be celebrating only one holiday or both National Drink Wine Day and President’s Day? We of course vote for both! Just remember to drink responsibly!

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With the spring season just around the corner, keep an eye out for upcoming spring menu additions at your favorite fast food joints — this includes Starbucks!

What’s your favorite fast food restaurant? Share with us in the comments section!