Is Tim Hortons open on Family Day 2019?


It’s Family Day in Canada which means a lot of places will close their doors for the day. But what about Tim Hortons? Is Tim Hortons open on Family Day 2019?

Every year, the third Monday of February is Family Day. A day recognized in the Canadian province of Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick. The province of British Colombia also celebrate the day as well but theirs on the second Monday of February. With it being Family Day, a lot of places take the day off and shut shop. But what about Tim Hortons? Is Tim Hortons open on Family Day 2019?

The Canadian fast food chain is a popular place to visit so you can guarantee a lot of people will be wanting to pay the chain a visit. And if you are wanting to pay Tim Hortons a visit, you should find them open and ready to serve.

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While it may be a holiday across the provinces it is not a holiday like Christmas or New Year’s Day. Major retailers and business like Tim Hortons and essential services stay open. It is really only your non-essential services and government institutions that will close.

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However, what you will find is a lot of Tim Hortons stores will operate under holiday opening hours rather than their regular hours. So what you might want to do is call ahead before you visit and double check how long they plan to be open for.

You can get their contact information by simply running a quick Google search online. You can then speak to a staff member directly about how long they plan to stay open for on Family Day.

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What’re your plans this Family Day? Will you be paying a visit to Tim Hortons? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.