Healthy ice cream just keeps getting better: From diet Halo Top Pops to low-calorie vegan Arctic Zero


Healthy ice cream once seemed like an impossible diet dream. But in recent years, companies such as Halo Top have turned the concept into a delicious reality!

Eating ice cream without guilt? The yummy world of frozen desserts has come a long way since the era when dieters had to choose between staying on their weight loss plans and savoring a heaping bowl of ice cream.

We’ve got the skinny scoop below.

Halo Top expands healthy ice cream offerings

For those who are counting their calories, Halo Top has solved the challenge of not wanting to take time to measure out a precise serving with their new offering: Hello, low-calorie Halo Top Pops!

The company has created what USA Today described as “snackable mini ice cream pops.”

You can bite into a Halo Top Pop in a variety of flavors, from chocolate chip cookie dough to mint chip to strawberry cheesecake to (save some for us) peanut butter swirl. The yummy news for dieters: Each treat has just 50 to 60 calories.

And as the company shared on Instagram, each pop also is considered a good source of protein.

Arctic Zero switches up its ice cream options

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for…vegan ice cream?”

Maybe that’s not exactly how the traditional verse goes, but vegan dieters are cheering for Arctic Zero’s new low-calorie, vegan frozen desserts.

The original Arctic Zero pints are still available, and both they and the new non-dairy frozen desserts continue to be low-calorie, ranging from 160 to 320 calories for the entire pint, according to Specialty Food News.

To create the vegan treat, Arctic Zero uses faba bean protein. It’s free of fake sweeteners, using monk fruit and cane sugar instead. In addition to the non-dairy pints, Arctic Zero offers bars and light ice cream.

Flavors range from cookies & cream to chocolate chunk to toffee crunch and beyond.

Halo Top continues to wow with new ice cream options for dieters

Competing with Arctic Zero, Halo Top has expanded into non-dairy options as well. Flavors range from non-dairy birthday cake to non-dairy oatmeal cookie.

And then those new flavors just keep tempting, including lemon cake, sea salt caramel, and how about ‘smores?

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The only question is: How any flavors can you fit into your freezer at the same time?