Oscar Nominees will find these food items in this year’s gift bags


Every year, Oscar nominees walk away with a gift bag to go along with the prestige of the night. And this year, there are a number of food items included.

While the ultimate prize on Oscar night is for one of the nominees to walk away with the golden statue, even Oscar nominees who do not win get to take home a little something from entertainment’s biggest night. Every year, the individuals nominated for an Oscar are given an impressive gift bag that includes everything from luxury vacations to fashionable finds. But that’s not all they get, as there are even indulgent food items as well.

With a gift bag that is said to have a value into the six figures, Oscar nominees walk away with a sweet treat even if they don’t win. And it is especially sweet when you look at the different foodie items these stars get to sample thanks to these goodie bags.

From specific treats to actual dinners with chefs, there are plenty of offerings in these bags that make the gift bags that Oscar nominees walk away with just as impressive as the award they might win itself.

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According to Food & Wine magazine, there are 12 food related highlights in this gift bag, and we are including drink-related items in this list. Based on what these gift bags contain, it pays to be an Oscar nominee, even if you don’t end up winning.

This year’s bags include such foodie options as:

  • A full size bottle of Southern Wicked Lemonade Moonshine.
  • A Rouge Maple gift set called the Pure Organic Maple Syrup and Glamour Gourmet set.
  • A Posh Pretzels two-tiered gift box of gourmet pretzels.
  • Pepperidge Farms Milano Cookies (which are always a delicious treat).
  • An Optimum Nutrition Salted Toffee Crisp Bar.
  • Nest Seekers International gifted a poolside dinner with the Oscar nominee and their friends with a celebrity chef.
  • Good Girl Chocolate is gifting chocolate that is naturally sweetened, gluten-free, and dairy-free.
  • Flora Farms is giving nominees a dinner on them.
  • Chocolatines’ Chocouture is gifting chocolate jewels in each gift bag, with flavors such as Champagne Diamond, Lemon Sage Topaz, and Ginger Sake Pearl.
  • A. Junod is gifting white absinthe.
  • Jarritos is gifting an assortment of their sodas in a Yeti cooler.
  • Coda Signature is gifting a box of “edibles, topicals, and concentrates,” including chocolate truffles that have been hand painted.

And with a bag that contains even more treats and gifts beyond these amazing foodie items, it seems like just being nominated is an honor in itself (which we already knew but still). With this being the 17th year of these gift bags, it makes sense that they would contain some impressive goodies. From chocolates to a poolside dinner, this is the kind of gift bag we definitely wouldn’t mind walking away with.

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What do you think of the foodie items in the Oscar nominees’ gift bag? Is there anything you expected to see in the list that wasn’t there? Were there any items you were surprised by? Tell us what you think in the comments.