Saturday Morning IPA is the new favorite beer of Lucky Charms fans


Lucky Charms fans have a new favorite beer on the way to the market. The Saturday Morning IPA is due to arrive in March and its basically the adult version of the famous cereal.

Smartmouth brewing are genius’. They clearly have someone, somewhere, in their company who has a mind like no other. Why? Because they have created the Saturday Morning IPA. A beer that is a dream come true for Lucky Charms fans.

The IPA is due to be released this coming Saturday, March 2, at their Norfolk location; but will eventually be rolled out across the state of Virginia. So if you have been looking for an excuse to pay the state a visit, here’s the perfect one.

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Created with use of marshmallows, yes you did read that right marshmallows, the Saturday Morning IPA is a drink which is a reminder to those Saturday mornings you spent eating cereal, like Lucky Charms, and watching cartoons.

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A lot more went into the new IPA other than just marshmallows but that is the main pull of the unique IPA. The result of the unique creation is a 6.6.% ABV.

Have a look at the genius drink just below.

If you are in the Norfolk area then expect a whole lot of different things going on when you pay the brewing location a visit. The brewing company is hosting a range of events to remind you of those fun Saturday mornings, including board games, a comic book stand, and even a Super Smash Bros. Tournament.

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What do you think of the Saturday Morning IPA? Would you like to see this released Nationwide? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.