Get the dumpling recipe from Pixar’s Bao


Long before Pixar’s Bao became a winner at the Academy Awards, the little dumpling won all of our hearts. Want the recipe? We’ve got it!

The short animated movie Bao made its premiere before the Incredibles 2 movie rolled its opening credits in theaters. It was a pleasant surprise, though such a tear-jerker! Before seeing a happy, action-packed movie such as Incredibles 2, audiences weren’t expecting something that would reach straight into their feelings. But that’s what Bao does, and that’s why it took home an Oscar for Best Short Film (Animated).

In the movie, a sad mother with an empty nest cooks up some tasty dumplings. To her surprise, and everyone in the audience, one little dumpling comes to life! What follows are laughs, tender moments, and sadness, especially if you’re a parent. But hey, no time for tears now! Instead, let’s cook!

YouTube chef Andrew Rea has revealed the secret dumpling recipe used in Bao. Imagine how happy your kids will be when you tell them what’s for dinner! Er– or they may be upset, it all  depends how they took the movie. According to chef Rea, this is Domee Shi’s (director of Bao) mother’s actual recipe.

Watch the video, below:

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Call us biased, but they look delicious! I’ll be honest, it will more than likely take me two or three tries to get it right, but I’m giving it a shot! Will you be trying out this recipe? If so, make sure the dumplings don’t come to life before eating them! Let us know if you tried it and how everything turned out.

You can watch the animated short Bao at YouTube Movies or the Google Play Store.