Starbucks and Ariana Grande are sending you airborne with Cloud Macchiato


Starbucks and Ariana Grande collaborate for the new Cloud Macchiato, and it is everything fans of both have ever dreamed of.

It is every pop star’s dream to have their own Starbucks drink, which explains why superstar Ariana Grande is on “cloud nine” with the new Cloud Macchiato.

We’ve been teased for a while now that Grande, who is making Billboard history at the moment, and Starbucks, who have long made coffee history, were teaming up for a new drink that fans of both have ever dreamed of.

On their Twitter account, Starbucks shared cloud-dreamed photos, which, if fans looked closer, had messages that were in relation to Grande’s music. Already tipped off that something was “in the air,” Grande got in on the action, tweeting this status that had us all in a frenzy:

Now, the day is finally here, and we have the brand new Cloud Macchiato, which comes in two flavors — Caramel and Cinnamon — and has a light cloud of cold milk foam that is topped with shots of espresso and caramel drizzle to give it that sweet touch.

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You can get the Cloud Macchiato either hot or cold. On a visit to my local Starbucks to try the drink, I got it hot (It’s too cold where I am for the iced version), and the drink has a nice, sweet balance and tasted great.

Personally, though, as good as the Cloud Macchiato is warm, this is a drink that’s made for the iced coffee world, which I will definitely try when I get back home to Florida.

Don’t worry about the Cloud Macchiato going away anytime soon, as Starbucks did all of us a solid and added it to their permanent menu. So if you’re looking for something with more of a “wow” factor to start your day, say “Thank You, Next” to your go-to drink, and pick up a Cloud Macchiato.

So, would you try the new Cloud Macchiato? If you have, let me know in the comments below or on our social media pages!