Starbucks Spring Menu is here and we have new treats and returning fan favorites to try


Spring is here! At least it is in the world of Starbucks. The Starbucks Spring Menu is officially out and we have new menu options to try along with returning fan favorites.

It might not feel like it. Personally, I’m sitting typing this on a day where it is -12 degrees Celsius and over two foot of snow has fallen, but it is officially Spring. Kind of. The Starbucks Spring Menu is out; making it officially Spring in one of our favorite coffee chains.

The new menu has brand new drinks and treats for us to try. Along with some fan favorites as well. Here is a look at what is on the Starbucks Spring Menu.

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In terms of what is new, we first of all have the Cloud Macchiato. A drink Starbucks is claiming is unlike anything you have ever tasted before. It features a cold foam cloud which is both light and smooth. Topped off with espresso shots, the Cloud Macchiato is designed to give you that little extra jump you need to get your day off to the right start.

Starbucks is offering two flavors of the Cloud Macchiato, an Iced Caramel Cloud Macchiato, and an Iced Cinnamon Cloud Macchiato. You have the option of ordering them either hot or cold.

Starbucks Spring Menu, image courtesy of Starbucks via Edelman

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Another new menu item is the Lemon Cake Pops. Which are lemon flavored cakes dipped in a yellow chocolatey coating, before being covered in a sweet and sour topping.

Returning to the Starbucks menu is the  Cold Brew with Cascara Cold Foam. The fan favorite drink, which features vanilla syrup topped with Cascara Cold Foam and Cascara topping is back to give your morning coffee the exact amount of both sweet and smooth.

And finally, Starbucks has a new Spring range hitting the grocery shelves. As part of the on-the-go and at home Starbucks coffee range. Expect to see the following new items available in groceries stores:

  • Starbucks Tripleshot Energy
  • Bottled Starbucks Frappuccino
  • Starbucks Blonde Sunrise Blend
  • Starbucks Cookie Straws

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What do you think of the Starbucks Spring Menu? Is there anything that stands out the most to you? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.