5 worst cereals of all time to hit the shelves

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(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

5. Frosted Flakes with Energy Clusters

Before I started writing for a living, I worked in a grocery store, and one of the items we couldn’t keep on the shelves was Frosted Flakes.

They were cheap, they were awesome, and they’re one of Kellogg’s best sellers. Many kids, myself included, grew up on the surgery sweet flakes, and while it was a morning staple for us kids, you had those health nuts who tried to warn people that Frosted Flakes were not good for kids.

Those warnings didn’t stop Frosted Flakes from flying off the shelves, but, Kellogg’s did move to up the protein level of their iconic cereal brand. Introducing, Frosted Flakes Energy Clusters, which are basically Frosted Flakes outfitted with sweet granola clusters. It was supposed to be more of a “healthier” version of Frosted Flakes, but, let’s be real. If Kellogg’s really figured that they would sidestep making Frosted Flakes healthier by adding some granola clusters, I have a bridge in California that I’m selling.

The Frosted Flakes Energy Clusters were not a healthy alternative, as the flakes surrounding the clusters were still coated in that sugar sweet taste that we all know and love. It’s not sure if Frosted Flakes still make the Energy Clusters, but if they are, they should cease production of this bait-and-switch, ASAP, becasue they are one of the worst cereals of all time.