8 Captain Marvel inspired foods you have to try

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Captain Marvel photo via Walt Disney Media File

2. Captain Marvel Pies

This tasty recipe was created by Jenn Fujikawa and is featured on Marvel’s website no less, so we know it’s a good’un. These pies are another Captain Marvel Insignia-inspired treat, with fresh fruits standing in for the colors. Looks good enough to eat as far as we’re concerned.

You have the option of using ready-made pie crust for this recipe unless you’re the adventurous kind who makes their own pastry (if so, go you!). You’ll want to make sure your berries are cleaned and hulled before adding them in, and you definitely don’t want overly large pieces of fruit for these pies, so quarter them, or cut them to your satisfaction.

The tricky part is making Captain Marvel’s insignia out of pastry. You will want to print out a template beforehand for consistency unless you’re very talented and can do it free-hand. And then it’s a simple matter of placing the logo correctly and baking it in the oven.

We love the simplicity of this recipe, which is wonderfully at odds with our newest, and coolest, hero, who has a very complicated story. And that’s something you can mull over with your fellow geeks with a delicious little pie in your hand. As one does.