8 Captain Marvel inspired foods you have to try

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5. Carol’s Cosmic Cookies

Amidst all the Captain Marvel goodies, Catherine Barson Eastis, owner of The Gluttonous Geek, created cookies that pay homage to the woman behind the suit—Carol Danvers—and her 90s origins. For most of the film, Carol Danvers doesn’t even know who she is. Well, one bite of these cosmic cookies would probably have brought her memories of Earth flooding right back.

These cosmic cookies are definitely the most innovative on this list. Catherine combines cake mix and blue raspberry Kool-Aid! Trippy, but we have to admit, we want to eat it just for nostalgia’s sake.

If that blue raspberry isn’t enough tartness for you, Catherine adds lemonade mix in the frosting and adds a good dollop of crushed lemon drops. Who needs a modified spacecraft when you’ve got these cookies? They’re tart enough to send us into the stratosphere.

If you can free-hand cut the shape of your cookie, that is a commendable skill, but Catherine suggests buying Bethlehem star cookie cutters, as they have a similar design to the Captain Marvel star. We would have liked a touch of red in these cookies but we have to admit that the blue and yellow look is incredibly attractive.

This is such a simple recipe to make, and the taste sounds unbelievable. Which is probably exactly what makes these cookies so much fun!