8 Captain Marvel inspired foods you have to try

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Captain Marvel photo via Walt Disney Media File

6. Captain Marvel Cookie Dough

There is this crazy obsession for cookie dough that will not go away, so why are we even surprised that the cookie dough craze has reached Captain Marvel’s door?

Jana Seitzer of Whisky n Sunshine is behind this funky recipe that is all about the sprinkles. You’re going to need a good amount of red and blue sprinkles, and gold star sprinkles, to get your Captain Marvel mojo going. Seriously, there are so many sprinkles here, we can’t help but love it.

Alongside the colorful sprinkles, you’re also going to need red, blue, and yellow gel food color for the batter, which you need to first separate into three different bowls. You will need to combine the colored cookie dough together and that will require some precision as you don’t want to mix the three batters completely—the colors should be distinct but melded.

The batter is the most time-consuming part of this recipe, but nowhere near as exhausting as making actual cookie dough. Once the batter is done, all you have to do is mix in those sprinkles for that delicious sugary pop.

This looks like quite an operation at first, but at the end of it, you have beautiful scoops of cookie dough that are completely safe and edible. Definitely worth any and all effort!