8 Captain Marvel inspired foods you have to try

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7. Captain Marvel Coffee Sugar Cookies

Shanna, the owner of the Pineapple and Coconut website, pays homage to one particular fondness that she shares with Carol Danvers—a love of coffee. We feel that very strongly.

Coffee is gorgeous in everything, but coffee cookies are up there as one of the best ways to use coffee in a sweetie. There was no way we weren’t going to include Shanna’s Captain Marvel Coffee Sugar cookies on this list!

There’s a healthy dose of coffee in this recipe—just the way we like it. Alongside coffee extract, Shanna also uses espresso powder for that extra kick. Alternatively, you can use finely ground fresh coffee, whatever is more convenient or better excites your taste buds. If you don’t like coffee or are allergic, Shanna gives you the option to make a vanilla version instead.

You also have a choice whether or not to ice the cookies. We tend to love cookies with icing, but you can make an impression of Captain Marvel’s star on the cookie dough before baking, or use icing after the cookies are done. Either way, you’re going to have a cookie that even Carol Danvers would love to eat along with her cuppa.

This recipe is stunning but what we also love about Shanna’s blog is the history she’s included about Captain Marvel. It’s enough to get you into the baking mood!