8 Captain Marvel inspired foods you have to try

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8. Captain Marvel Hero Passion Raspberry Tart

Okay, this is sadly not a recipe, but we’re hoping you can somehow recreate this tart at home because we want to eat it. Over at WDW News Today, Annie Wilson reviewed the Captain Marvel Hero Passion Raspberry Tart at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort. It looks amazing and delicious. We want it so bad!

We love the dome on this dessert and that startlingly bright blue mousse. That’s enough to catch anyone’s eye. But there’s also a stunning layer of red mousse under the blue that looks far too good to eat. And that flaky pastry is making our mouths water. Everything about this dessert is delicious-looking—even the image of Captain Marvel which is apparently also edible—that we want to dissect it immediately.

And it sounds like it tastes gorgeous as well. The blue mousse is raspberry-flavored, the red mousse is passionfruit. There are even passionfruit boba pearls (tapioca balls) in it to add intensity to the flavor. Of course, if you’re making this at home, you could opt to leave the boba pearls out if you don’t want intense flavors.

It looks like some skill and preparation will be involved in making this dessert, not to mention some tricky mathematics thanks to the flavor profile. It’s definitely not to be attempted by the faint of heart. Perhaps a hero will stand up amongst our midst to create this delicacy?

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What dessert will you be enjoying in celebration of Captain Marvel’s success?