What’s the oddest food pairing from Jack in the Box?


What’s your favorite menu item from Jack in the Box? Chances are, you can’t pick just one. This is why odd food pairings are common at the restaurant. Which are the strangest ones?

The right answer is that nothing is strange at all! There is never any judging or wrong answer for which items to pair up at Jack in the Box. In fact, not playing by the rules is encouraged. So, if you want an eggroll and a taco for lunch, go for it!

Unlike most fast food restaurants that only offer burgers or pizza, Jack in the Box has a little bit of everything. From tacos to sandwiches, there’s something for everyone! Jack recently sent in some of their most unusual pairings often ordered at Jack, have a look:

Odd Couple Menu Items

  • Egg Rolls + Taco Sauce
  • Classic Buttery Jack + Chocolate Ice Cream Shake
  • Sauce & Loaded Fries + Overload Chocolate Cake

What will you be getting at Jack in the Box the next time you visit?

Don’t forget, Jack is still serving this month’s limited items, including the Fish Sandwich (100% Alaskan Pollock). Get the Fish Sandwich as part of Jack’s $4 combo, which includes fries and a drink, or a la carte. As part of this combo, you can also get the Sourdough Patty Melt Combo, another sandwich only available for a limited time.

In case you missed it: Jack in the Box recently brought back 2 tacos for 99 cents! Learn all about that, here.

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What will you be ordering at Jack in the Box next time you stop by? Share with us in the comments!