Is Gordon Ramsay vegan or vegetarian?


You’re probably looking at the question above and thinking there’s no way chef extraordinaire Gordon Ramsay is vegetarian, much less vegan. Little known fact, though, he did try! Did Ramsay succeed the strict diet?

Gordon Ramsay, vegan? The man who expertly cuts and slices chicken and yells at amateurs
when their meat isn’t cooked to perfection? Not only that, but Ramsay is even known for hating on vegans, even getting into trouble with PETA. Because, hey, meat is life!

A vegan lifestyle isn’t only great for our animal friends, though, it’s also good for our bodies. So, with that in mind, Ramsay announced he would be giving “this vegan thing” a try. He took to his Twitter to share the news and attached a very tasty looking photo of, what we assume is, a vegan pizza.

Have a look at the tweet, below:

Yes, this tweet was almost a year ago, but we’re curious about how this new diet has been going a year later. Let’s check in!

Well, things are looking pretty good! Here’s a tweet from just a few days ago:

Not only is Gordon Ramsay continuing to try new dishes, but he also added a Vegan Roast to his restaurant in London, Bread Street Kitchen. So while Ramsay isn’t fully vegan or vegetarian, these new menu additions are great! He’s a smart business man, this will surely draw more people into his restaurants as more options are available.

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It’s also great that he’s bettering his lifestyle with some super healthy and natural ingredients. All in all, I say this is a win-win! Here’s hoping some of these new menu options reach the states soon, too!

Are you vegan or vegetarian? What do you think Gordon Ramsay should add to his plate, next?