Sorry, Florida! No MacDonald’s Shamrock Shakes for you


There is a travesty occurring in Florida. Shamrock Shakes, the McDonald’s specialty drink sold during March, will not make it to the Sunshine State.

It seems that McDonald’s restaurants in Florida will not have the luck of the Irish, as the Shamrock Shakes will not be featured anywhere in the state this year. This utterly disappointing news came from Tampa NBC affiliate WFLA, who went searching for the Shamrock Shakes at McDonald’s restaurants across Tampa Bay, only to come up empty-handed.

So, with WFLA being a news station and all, they decided to investigate to see why there were no Shamrock Shakes sold in the Tampa Bay area McDonald’s. The answer they got back may have sent the entire state of Florida into depression.

According to Keisha Boyd, who is a spokesperson for H&L Partners  Advertising Agency, all Florida McDonald’s — I repeat, ALL Florida locations — have turned down the Shamrock Shakes, leaving many Floridians in a deep depression, and most of us searching for an alternate for that minty-green shake fix.

"“Unfortunately, this market isn’t featuring them this year. It is a seasonal, promo item as you know; and not all markets get it each year.”"

She’s right.

Only a select few markets get these limited-time shakes, and a search on their shake finder found that no area in Florida was granted the right to sell the Shamrock Shakes this year. That’s a bummer because many were seriously looking forward to the shakes.

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Hopefully, other fast food chains across the state will step in and give us our minty-green shakes. Are these Shamrock Shakes from McDonald’s in an area near you? Consider yourself lucky!