What are the best Blue Bunny ice cream flavors?


With endless ice cream flavors and countless brands, it’s not easy picking a favorite flavor! Let’s break it down one brand at a time, starting with Blue Bunny!

First, we can’t continue without sharing the news that Blue Bunny recently debuted a brand new flavor, Chocolate Donut (with sprinkles)! Ahh, Blue Bunny is always satisfying our sweet tooth and cravings! The new flavor consists of vanilla ice cream, milk chocolate icing, rainbow sprinkles, and donut pieces. I repeat, donut pieces! We have a winner! That is, until Blue Bunny creates new flavors. In the meantime, here are other favorites…

Don’t forget, Blue Bunny also has Mini Swirl cones, Load’d Sundaes, Fudge Bars, and more! For this feature, though, we’ll only focus on their bowls of ice cream flavors.

Banana Split: Serve this in a big bowl along with banana slices and you’ve got one banana dream! Is it too much to add a chocolate drizzle? Because we totally do. No shame.

Chunky Chocolate Chip: Love chocolate? Say no more! This flavor is sweet, crunchy, Chunky Chocolate Chip is the perfect snack.

Monster Cookie Smash: This ice cream has a little bit of everything. It’s made with peanut butter ice cream, includes fudge ribbon, and monster cookie dough pieces. Yum!

Next. Cotton candy grapes are a thing: Where can you buy some?. dark

Homemade Vanilla: You may believe vanilla is too common of a flavor to deserve being on a Best Flavors feature, but not only are you wrong, this is homemade vanilla. It simply doesn’t taste like any other vanilla ice cream I’ve ever had.

What’s your favorite Blue Bunny ice cream flavor? Is there a flavor we should add to this list? Let us know in the comments! To find a retailer near you that carries the brand, check them out online, here!