Cotton candy grapes are a thing: Where can you buy some?


Prepare an apology letter to your dentist, because cotton candy grapes are a thing and nothing is stopping us from getting some!

Guys, cotton candy grapes are real. What will they think of next? What are these and where can you get them? We have all the details you need to know.

First, I’d like to apologize to myself. Apparently, cotton candy grapes aren’t a new thing, I’m just late at finding out about them. I now need to make up for the lost time I caused my taste buds.

Check out the post from traderjoesfl, in which the account announced these treats “are back!”

“Back” means they aren’t new, ugh the same! No more missing out! Where can you get these? Trader Joe’s! Though Trader Joe’s is known to have these, cotton candy grapes have also been spotted at Whole Foods and Costco stores. Let the hunt begin! Be patient, since these are a summer treat, Trader Joe’s is probably the first to get any. We may all have better luck finding them in a few weeks.

We’re not alone in learning about this recently, one of  the comments is “what in tarnation is this” from @coleadams3317. Our thoughts exactly, Cole.

Cotton candy grapes are seedless green grapes (yes, real grapes) that taste like cotton candy. From Pop Sugar, they’re “a hybrid version of different grape vines” and only sold during the summer. It’s not even officially spring yet, but we’re not complaining! They’ll make the best Easter treat.

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Have you tried cotton candy grapes before? Fill me in, what other sweet treat am I missing out on? Share in the comments!