All the Game of Thrones goodies you need for the premiere: Wine and more


The Game of Thrones Season 8 premiere is weeks away! This means we have only days to prepare with the best show-themed wine, beer, cookies and more!

Whether you’re planning a big Game of Thrones watch party with friends or will be enjoying the big Season 8 premiere alone, these food goodies can’t be left out! You may have the ability to create awesome Game of Thrones cookies or cake, maybe you’ve even thought of a few drinks, but if baking and cooking isn’t your strong suit, no need to worry. Plenty of food and drinks packaged to the theme of the show are available for purchase!

Let’s begin with what we only know to be a rumor at the moment, and that’s Game of Thrones Oreo cookies. Are they real? Couldn’t tell ya! I’ve searched and searched, but have yet to find Oreo cookies in GoT packaging. Have you had better luck? It could be that these cookies are just not out yet. We’ll have to keep waiting and hunting whenever we go to a grocery store.

Then, there’s GoT beer from Brewery Ommegang. I haven’t tried it out, but how cool are the bottles? These should be considered collectibles! Check them out, below:

Finally, in case beer isn’t your thing, there’s wine! This isn’t a competition, but the wine bottles look even more amazing. I’d love to have one of each just as decor (after I drink all the wine, of course). Each bottle is $20, and you get a complimentary Game of Thrones corkscrew with your purchase!

Next. Cotton candy grapes are real. dark

Hurry, the wine is quickly selling out! Get yours before they’re all out of wine. Locate where they are being sold near you at the GoT Wine Shop.

 Game of Thrones Season 8 premieres April 14 only on HBO.