Supernatural characters favorite food to bid the show farewell

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With Supernatural coming to an end next year, we look at the characters’ favorite foods from the show, and where you can get them.

The recent announcement that The CW’s Supernatural will be coming to an end with season 15 has surprised many fans of the show. The characters and the stories have been a mainstay for horror fans for fifteen years, and despite the ups and downs the show has suffered, Supernatural has brought much joy to viewers.

There is no better way to say goodbye to a beloved show than with food, and that is one consistent aspect Supernatural fans will never forget. The Winchester Brothers don’t often get to grab some grub while they hunt down monsters, but when they do, they certainly enjoy themselves!

We look at the food that every Supernatural fan will forever connect with the show, and the best places to eat them at.

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Salads almost don’t count as food on Supernatural, but Sam Winchester can’t get enough of them! Sam is definitely the health-freak among the Winchesters, much to his brother Dean’s consternation, but we’ve got to admit, a good salad can be incredibly enjoyable.

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Sam has had a number of salads over the seasons – Cobb salad, kale salad, chicken salad, Caesar salad, and a handful of unnamed salads. Sam’s love of salads became canon in season one’s ‘Hell House’, and that is where we’ve found our top Supernatural salad.

Snappy Salads in Richardson, Texas – where ‘Hell House’ was set – is consistently among the best salad places in Richardson. Their Cobb salad is exactly what Sam Winchester would turn to as he researches how to take down their next monster quarry. While Dean glowers at him from across the table, of course.