Aldi’s pineapple mimosas win brunch


To win brunch, especially if you’re hosting it, you’re going to want to have Aldi’s new pineapple mimosas! Where can you find them and how much will each bottle costs? We’ve got all the details, below…

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but all foodies know it’s really brunch that takes the prize. Brunch is a meal (usually big) that comes between breakfast and lunch. If you’re wondering why you would have so much food right after breakfast, that’s because those who brunch don’t usually have breakfast. We skip breakfast and hold our appetite for brunch and Alid’s pineapple mimosas just gave us another great reason to do so!

Spring is here, can you feel it? It’s time for weekend brunch with your friends and toast with mimosas and mimosas! Brunch and dinners out on the patio! Winning the brunch game at the moment is Aldi’s grocery stores with their new premixed bottles of mimosas — in pineapple flavor!

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Usually, restaurants have great weekend deals for mimosas (my local spot has $2 mimosas, bottoms up!), but if you want to host brunch with family and friends or simply want to drink at home, you’re likely searching for a tasty deal.

Well, how does $9 a bottle of pineapple mimosa sound? Aldi’s bottles are kinda popular. Last year, they gifted us with orange-flavored mimosas. This time, they’re bringing pineapple mimosas to their shelves. Don’t worry, other flavors are available as well, pineapple is simply their latest addition. What is your favorite brunch beverage?

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Rushing out the door to get yours? Hold just a moment, we’re super excited too, but they’re not available just yet! Pineapple mimosas will be in stock beginning April 3!

What’s your favorite brunch meal? Share with us in the comments!