Darden Restaurants keeps proving the haters wrong


There are people out there who love to hate on Darden Restaurants, but the causal chain keeps racking up the sales and proving the haters wrong.

There are many out there who love to hate on Darden Restaurants. The Orlando-based restaurant conglomerate, who brought the world Red Lobster and Olive Garden, has lobbed a lot of criticism toward Darden’s way, especially when it came to Olive Garden.

From folks calling on the company to make their Italian chain “more upscale,” to folks hating on the new logo, it seems as if Olive Garden has a lot more haters than it does lovers. So it must make its haters sick to their stomachs when they found out that Darden’s stock is on a winning streak, all thanks to Olive Garden.

According to Investor Place, Darden’s third quarter revenues were up 5.3% in year-to-year. That translates to $1.13 billion, and their profits through the quarter were $247 million, which was a 9% increase.

For the record, these were Olive Garden’s numbers. Jealous much?

To the haters, seeing Olive Garden continuing to do so well is like a kick in the gut. How could this chain — which serves up a sad imitation of Italy’s great dishes — stay so popular?

Well, maybe it’s because Olive Garden has grown within its menu and atmosphere over the years. When you go to an Olive Garden these days, it doesn’t feel like you’re going to a chain Italian joint. Olive Garden actually took Motley Fool’s advice and made it a more “upscale” experience.

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Then again, people will just find a way to hate on Olive Garden and Darden as a whole and the hate really doesn’t matter as long as the sales keep flowing in.

So, are you an Olive Garden fan or hater? Let us know in the comments below!