Holiday Reese’s are better than the standard peanut butter cup


The Reese’s Easter eggs have arrived in stores and that means we are once again reminded that the standard peanut butter cup is inferior to the holiday shapes.

Have you ever picked up a pack of Reese’s peanut butter cups and found yourself a bit disappointed? Do you ever wish the holiday Reese’s were around longer? Then you might not be surprised to realize that there are entire debates over which sweet treat is better (even though they are technically the same candy).

While some might say it is the exact same thing, chocolate covered peanut butter, the fact is that there is an actual difference between a peanut butter cup and an Easter Egg (for instance). According to Mashable, the ridges on the cups actually change the chocolate to peanut butter ratio, which makes sense, and also contributes to the difference in how these two offerings taste.

Because the ridges contain more chocolate (this is a proven fact based on all the bags of Reese’s peanut butter cups I have gone through), you don’t get as much of the peanut butter per bite. This tends to be a disappointment because it actually does change the way each bite tastes. But when you eat an Easter egg for instance, the ratio always works because it seems like the perfect marriage of chocolate to peanut butter.

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And it is not just the wonky ratios that make the seasonal Reese’s better, it also helps that no matter which shape you get, the Easter egg, the Christmas tree, the Valentine’s Day heart, or the Halloween pumpkin, they always seem to be bigger and there is more peanut butter. (More peanut butter is a win no matter what.)

While chocolate might seem like the best part of most sweet treats, when it comes to Reese’s it is actually the creamy peanut butter that wins us over. And that means that we expect more of this creamy goodness when we bite into a Reese’s, which is why the seasonal offerings are the real winners, because that’s where we get more of the peanut butter we want.

Some people have been known to nibble away at the ridges of their peanut butter cups in order to prove themselves with the correct chocolate to filling ratio. This is typically known as “stripping the fear,” which makes sense since the ridges on the cups make us think of little gears.

It helps that the seasonal Reese’s are limited. This means that we tend to want them more because we know they won’t always be available. If you think about it, once the Easter eggs are out of the store, the next time we can get our hands on a seasonal Reese’s over a standard ridged cup is around Halloween when the pumpkins arrive.

This added layer of exclusivity helps make the holiday Reese’s much more appealing, because we know they are not always readily available. Make something limited and watch as we track it down because we know it will be gone if we don’t.

From the extra peanut butter filling, perfect ratios, and of course its limited edition nation, the seasonal Reese’s are the clear winner when it comes to these sweet treats. I guess this means we prefer blobs over delicately ridges circles, and I am okay with this.

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What do you think of the standard peanut butter cup? Do you agree that the seasonal Reese’s offerings taste different than the cups we usually get at the store? Tell us what you think in the comments.