Easter eggs filled with gin are back this year


Easter is about to be lit! It’s time for an adult-style egg hunt and the prize are eggs filled with gin! But these aren’t any old gin, this is Unicorn and Flamingo gin.

If you are lucky enough to live in the UK, then you already know that Easter eggs filled with gin are a reality. Sadly, if you live in the U.S., you still have to do it yourself if you want to find alcohol filled eggs. But, if you do live in the U.K. those amazing gin-filled eggs are back! And the gin inside is amazing.

According to Delish, the Slattery chocolatier has joined forces with the UK-based gin producer, Zymurgorium, in order to create one of the most epic Easter eggs ever. Not only is t

his a chocolate outer shell, but inside is a full size bottle of Unicorn gin. But, that’s not all. There is a second gin filled egg as well. And that one has the pink Flamingo gin inside.

You may be asking what’s the difference, and there really is one. If you get the Unicorn gin, which has an ABV of 20 percent, you are getting a gin that tastes like a toasted marshmallow. And what better time to snag a gin that tastes like marshmallows than around Easter, when Peeps are in high demand?

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Of course, then there is the pink Flamingo gin, or FlaGINgo, which actually has an ABV of 38 percent. Not only is this gin more alcoholic in nature (like I said it’s time to get lit), but the flavor is even more interesting. This particular gin is a mix of ginger, allspice, mango, passionfruit, and pineapple. So it is almost like the perfect transition from spring to summer (which we are totally okay with).

Now that we have discussed the amazing gin that fills the chocolate eggs, let’s discuss the egg itself. While both gins will be housed in a milk chocolate egg, there is a lot more to this shell than just milk chocolate. These eggs will also be covered in pink and white chocolate before being covered in a shimmery pearlescent coating. Plus, there is also a window cut out of the egg to allow you to see the bottle of gin, as well as a hole at the top for the bottle to stick through.

And since you want to see the beauty of the egg, they won’t just come in some standard foil wrapper. Instead, they will be in their own Easter basket type setting with a clear cellophane wrapping, making it easy for you to see the shimmer of the coating.

The eggs will also carry a different price tag depending on which gin you decide to snag. The Unicorn gin will run approximately $65, while the Flamingo gin (or the FlaGINgo) will cost about $78.

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With how amazing these Easter eggs sound, we can’t imagine them lasting on shelves for very long. And considering they are a limited edition release, we think hunting them down soon is your best bet if you want to have an adult Easter. Honestly, we are a little jealous and wish they would do something like this over here in the U.S., after all, we like gin and chocolate too.