Sonic serving Red Bull slushes: Yay or nay?


Sonic has made history by becoming the first fast food restaurant to serve Red Bull. But is it a good move?

You can find just about anything at a fast food joint– burgers, fries (whether waffle fries or tater tots), and all sort of drinks. Sonic, however, has become the first to incorporate the popular energy drink, Red Bull, into their menu. We’ve got mixed feelings about this.

Red Bull Slushes became available April 29 at Sonic locations nationwide. Have you tried one yet? We have not, but we’re sure their sweet and refreshing, as all Sonic slushes are. And, of course, these are sure to give you a wake-me-up boost of energy feeling. But do we need that? Is there not enough rush and road rage as it is? Hey, these may be perfect for long trips, though!

The Red Bull Slush flavors available are Original Red Bull and Cherry Limeade Red Bull. The Original is just a Slush form of a Red Bull, while the Cherry Limeade adds a bit extra zesty flavor. Whichever you prefer, they are both $2.99 each.

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That’s not all, if you feel like ordering just a regular Red Bull (no slush, just in a can), Sonic has that, too, for $2.99.

Personally, I’m not a fan of energy drinks as it is. So these may simply not be for me, but if you are curious to try one, know that they’re only available for a limited time! Red Bull Slushes will only stick around through June, so get one while you can.

What’s your take on this latest beverage? Will you be trying one out today? Do you believe this is an awesome partnership or recipe for disaster? Try one out and share your thoughts with us here!

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