Is KFC really creating chicken-flavored ice cream?


There have been reports that KFC is rolling out a new ice cream…chicken-flavored ice cream. Is this true or an April Fool’s joke?

Chicken-flavored ice cream?! We call ourselves Guilty Eats for many reasons, but craving chicken ice cream is not one of those reasons! Not even close. With the shocking news about the ice cream breaking on April 1, though, many are calling this a big joke. If it’s a joke, it makes sense, but if this is real, what is KFC thinking? Would you like a scoop?

Contrary to what Joey Tribianni from Friends believes, mixing your favorite foods, just because they all taste great separately, does not mean the mixture will taste well together. At all. And this is how we feel about this rumored “treat.” Ice cream? Good! Chicken? Good! Chicken-flavored ice cream? No, thanks!

April Fool’s hints: The first hint that this is an April Fool’s joke is that only Chew Boom is reporting it online. The report is only a few sentences long, there’s no press release attached or quote from anyone at KFC.

The Instagram account, SnackSanta also posted about it, check out the post below:

The post above provides more context, including the ingredients, which includes vanilla soft served infused with KFC’s recipe herbs and spices. And that’s not all, it will also be sprinkled with candied fried chicken skin. The caption finishes off with “this isn’t an #AprilFools joke either” and that it’s available Summer 2019.

Hmm, we beg to differ. We refuse to believe chicken-flavored ice cream from KFC is really on the way until we read more about it. What’s your take on this? Do you believe this is possible? Would you like to try one of these ice cream cones yourself? Share with us in the comments!

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One thing KFC restaurants really did recently release though, if you’re now in the mood for chicken, are chicken waffles! Now those, we love.