Could a McPickle burger actually work?


McDonald’s rolled out The McPickle for April Fool’s Day, but could the burger made out of pickles actually work for the chain?

I’ll begin by being a bit real here: The McPickle looks and sounds like a creation the devil would unleash on all of us in the end times. A burger made out of just pickles? Topped with cheese, ketchup, and the Big Mac sauce? Ah? No thank you, 50 times over to that.

While the McPickle was an obvious joke for April Fool’s Day, it did leave me pondering a question — could the McPickle actually work in the real world? No, this isn’t another prank (April Fool’s Day has come and gone), but an actually thinking process to test the theory of if an all-pickle burger would work.

Check out the ad yourself, below, if you missed it: 

The obvious question on everybody’s cranium would be no, a big, fat, resounding NO! And you, dear reader, would be mostly correct on that assumption. Mostly.

Why would I say mostly? Because there will be some people out there, on this round, vast thing we call the Earth, who would give the McPickle a try, and two who may actually like it.

I mean, after all, it isn’t like McDonald’s is a stranger to creating the weirdest burgers mankind have ever seen. Back in the 80s, McDonald’s replaced a hamburger patty with a pineapple. So, yea, I wouldn’t put it past McDonald’s to create a burger in the spirit of the McPickle.

So, in theory, a burger like the McPickle wouldn’t work in our minds, but who knows what McDonald’s is cooking up in that test kitchen. To us, it was an April Fool’s Joke, but for them, it may not have been. I wouldn’t put it past McDonald’s to create a burger similar to the McPickle, and I’m certain I would not try it.

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