Serendipity Brands ice cream carries life-changing flavors


Serendipity Brands ice cream sent various samples for us to scoop up and try and our taste buds are forever changed! Let’s break down the flavors.

Ice cream season is in full swing! Which brands did you rush off to try once the temperatures began to warm up? Never before did we think we would be sampling Serendipity Brands ice cream, let alone have it easily become one of our favorite frozen treats of all-time.

If the name Serendipity rings a bell, that’s because you likely know or have heard of New York’s iconic Serendipity 3 restaurant. This isn’t only a celebrity hot-spot, but has been featured in films and is home to the famous Frrrozen Hot Chocolate ice cream. So when Serendipity Brands reached out asking if we’d like to receive their flavors, I was ecstatic!

Not only was it awesome learning that we don’t have to visit Serendipity 3 in New York for some ice cream to try it, but the ice cream is seriously delicious. The flavors feel and taste authentic. No substitutions. Banana is banana and chocolate is as chocolatey and creamy as they come! How do they pack the flavor into their pints? We may never know, but we’re definitely not complaining about it.

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Included in their many flavors is their popular dessert at the restaurant, Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. I was skeptical, at first. Will it really taste like hot chocolate? One scoop and I was sold. The white creamy swirl will have your taste buds melting.

All flavors of Serendipity Brands ice cream are:

  • Outrageous Banana Split — Yes, banana chunks and all! Why bother creating a banana split when you can dig into this one?
  • Birthday Cake — I’m torn between the Banana Split and Birthday Cake for my favorite of the bunch. The strawberry swirl in the Birthday Cake ice cream is to die for, and it has fun sprinkles!
  •  Cafe Espresso Chip — It’s obvious Serendipity loves to add a crunch to things! I feel this ice cream would taste best as a shake. I’ll be mixing it in the blender soon and report back!
  • Forbidden Broadway Sundae — Yum! Chocolate lovers, meet Heaven.
  • Frrrozen Hot Chocolate — Again, how did they make this taste just like a delicious hot chocolate. Magic is the only explanation.
  • Humble Pie — Not the best name for an ice cream, I had to do a double take. If peanut butter is your thing, though (it isn’t mine), you’ll love this one.
  • Strawberry Fields Sundae — Not into chocolate? Instead of the Broadway Sundae, this is the one for you!
  • Vanilla Vogue — Finally, there’s Vanilla Vogue. Not much to say about this one. It’s creamy and sweet, but nothing out of your ordinary vanilla ice cream.

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Is your mouth watering yet? We thought so! You can run to purchase Serendipity Brands ice cream at participating 7-Eleven and ShopRite locations nationwide! Is there one near you? Check if they carry the ice cream and thank me later.