Clear your pantry, Latte-flavored Oreo Thins are on the way!


Someone crown Oreo king of cookies like, immediately! Latte-flavored Oreo Thins are headed to stores nationwide.

Oreo fans have long been knowing the cookie company is King when it comes to delicious treats. Oreo has just about any flavor you can imagine, and often release special designs and packaging to cater to the latest holiday or trend.

The latest from Oreo? Latte-flavored Oreo Thins! You know Thins, the skinny version of Oreo’s bulky, creme stuff, cookies! Well, these little guys (packing big flavor) are soon going to be available in the flavor Latte! Coffee and cookies in one? Yes, please! Just pass a cold glass of milk and we are set.

Not so fast, though. Latte-flavored Oreos are not coming until June. So we have a long wait until we see them in stores. On the bright side, they’ll be available nationwide and be part of Oreo’s permanent menu. The wait is definitely going to be worth it!

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Another plus side is that there are plenty of Oreo cookies to enjoy while we wait for the Latte-flavored ones. For starters, April 8 marks the release of Oreo’s Game of Thrones cookies! These are amazing looking and need to be part of your life as the Season 8 premiere of the hit HBO series is just around the corner. Learn all about the cookies, here.

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Other Oreo favorite flavors include Salted Caramel, Cherry Cola, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and the Egg-shaped purple creme Easter Oreos! Which one is your favorite? Be sure to share with us in the comments!