Is Burger King open on Good Friday, 2019?


It’s Good Friday. The start of the holiday weekend is here. Will I be able to grab a Whopper? Is Burger King open on Good Friday, 2019?

It might sound daft talking about Burger King during the holiday weekend, but it is a conversation we need to have. After all, you could be on the road, about to get some much needed R&R, when you suddenly get hungry. Will Burger King be able to help? Is Burger King open on Good Friday, 2019?

Well, if you do get a hankering for a good old Whopper, or maybe the new Impossible Whopper, on Good Friday, you can rest easy. The fast food giants are expected to be open, ready to serve weary travelers who come through the door.

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However, a word of caution for said weary travelers. While Burger King is expected to be open during Good Friday, it is not a guarantee. Opening hours can vary from location to location, with some stores being closed altogether.

So, the best advice I can give is to check ahead of time if the Burger King you plan on visiting on Good Friday is open or not. There are two ways to do this, both of them fairly easy and straight forward.

The first method is to simply run an internet search on the specific chain you plan to visit. Your search results should ping back the opening hours for the store on that particular day, giving you an indication if they are open or not.

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But, the results are not always 100% accurate. So, the second step is to get in touch with the chain directly. Do the same thing as the first method, run a search on the specific store you plan to visit. The results should contain the contact telephone number, you can then use that to find out if they are open or closed and if they are open, how long for exactly.

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