Is Chick-fil-A open on Good Friday 2019?


Will we have to miss out on our favorite chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-A on Good Friday 2019?

As we all know, Easter weekend is just around the corner and Chick-fil-A is proudly a restaurant with Christian values. How will this work with the upcoming holiday? Meanwhile, most of us will have a few days off to enjoy Sunday service and an Easter egg hunt with the kiddos. Does that include the Chick-fil-A staff? Is Chick-fil-A open on Good Friday? Here’s what we know!

According to Holiday Shopping Hours, there are only five holidays Chick-fil-A restaurants close their doors for. And those holidays are: Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and, of course, Christmas Day.

Most of the holidays the restaurant shut down for land on a Sunday, so it makes since knowing Chick-fil-A never opens its doors on Sundays. They  believe on allowing their employees the day off to enjoy at church and with family.

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With all that say, we’re happy to know Chick-fil-A will be open on Good Friday!

Are you excited you can stop by for your favorite meal this Good Friday? If you are still practicing Lent, the restaurant has your back! Don’t miss out on their Fish Sandwich they rolled out exclusively for Lent season. Please do keep in mind, however, that this sandwich is only available in select locations. Find out if they have it at your local Chick-fil-A before you stop by!

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Along with the Fish Sandwich, the Deluxe Fish Sandwich is also on the menu, both served with Chick-fil-A’s popular waffle fries. The Fish Sandwich is only 370 calories, while the Deluxe is 430. What will you be ordering on Good Friday?

Whatever you order, don’t forget to accompany it with their latest shake, the Frosted Key Lime!