Here’s why you can’t find Oreo Game of Thrones cookies anywhere


Have you been on the hunt for Oreo’s Game of Thrones cookies but haven’t been successful? Here’s why…

Oreo released specially designed Game of Thrones cookies earlier this week, April 8, specifically. Immediately, as soon as the first available grocery store opened, fans rushed to go find them. These aren’t only around for a limited-time, but are a must-have for all fans of the series. However, not many have been lucky enough to find them in shelves. Why? There’s a few reasons.

For starters, many have been buying ALL of the cookies available only to sell them for a higher price (usually online) to fans. It’s unfair, we know, but being an exclusive item, it’s just like when concert tickets are resold at a higher price.

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The main reason these are nowhere to be found, though, is that release dates don’t mean the product is immediately on shelves, yet. You see, the way release dates for food items work, is that these are the dates stores are authorized to put them for sale. However, it doesn’t mean employees instantly do so.

Many stores already have a stock date and don’t want to mess it up. Managers may simply be waiting until they are scheduled to restock to put the new products on the shelves. If this is the case, what you need to do is ask an employee. They can check to see what’s available in the back for you.

This has been happening with many fans on the hunt for the cookies. When they ask, a box of cookies is brought out to them from the back. I’m also speaking from personal experience!

Finally, another reason is that they may just not be at that store yet. While April 8 was the official release, it doesn’t mean they have all arrived. These goodies may be making their way to other shops over the week.

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Have you been lucky enough to find Oreo’s Game of Thrones cookies? Share photos with us online!