Is Taco Bell open on Good Friday 2019?


Will we be able to enjoy Taco Bell’s tacos and nachos on Good Friday 2019?

Easter is just around the corner and with it comes Good Friday. Many businesses close their doors that day, does this include Taco Bell? Will we need to find a new place that day for a smoothie or crunchy taco? Is Taco Bell open on Good Friday 2019? Here’s what we know!

According to Holiday Shopping Hours, a site that way more often than not is on point, only shuts down for two holidays and two holidays only. These days are: Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day. This makes total sense as these are the biggest and most celebrated holidays of the year.

Thankfully, this means that Taco Bell locations is open all other holidays, including Good Friday. Keep in mind, this is only true for most participating locations as Taco Bell is a franchise. However, we doubt very many (or any at all, for that matter) will be closing down.

Are you now looking forward to some Taco Bell on Good Friday?

This Good Friday, Taco Bell restaurants are even more involved than before. All thanks to its vegetarian menu. You read that correctly, Taco Bell is testing several vegetarian menu options in select fast food locations. This began earlier this month. Have you stopped by to sample it yet? Learn more about it here.

Not into the whole veggie meal? Not to worry! Taco Bell has your back with the Double Beef Quesarito! Our mouth is watering already.

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What will you be doing on Good Friday? Searching for some delicious fast food or enjoying it with family and a home-cooked meal? Share with us in the comments! Either way, have a great one!