Is Starbucks open on Good Friday 2019?


Will you sip on your favorite coffee or tea from Starbucks on Good Friday 2019? Here’s what we know!

Only about a week left before Easter arrives! Do you have eggs stuffed with candy ready to go for the kiddos? How will you be celebrating Easter? Before the big day rolls around, though, it’s going to be Good Friday on Friday, April 19. Will Starbucks be open?

Good Friday has always fallen on a workday. So, unless you have a special arrangement at work, you probably go in at least for a few hours. Either after work or before (or both, we don’t judge), you likely want a cup of your favorite Starbucks drink. Am I right? If you’re wondering if Starbucks opens on Good Friday 2019, we’ve got answers!

According to Holiday Shopping Hours, a site we have been depending on a lot lately, there aren’t many holidays Starbucks doesn’t open its doors for. Yes, this even includes Christmas, though most only are available for a few hours or not at all — depends on the location.

However, when it comes to Good Friday, you’ll be able to walk in for your favorite drink at any time within Starbucks’ regular hours of operation.

Are you now looking forward to some Starbucks on Good Friday?

Still participating in Lent? No worries! There are many great treats and drinks available at Starbucks that won’t mess up your diet. Order anything you’d like and get some goodies for friends, too!

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What will you be doing on Good Friday? Searching for some delicious fast food or enjoying it with family and a home-cooked meal? Share with us in the comments! Either way, have a great one! Don’t forget to visit Starbucks on this day and be kind to your barista!