10 greatest Dunkin Donuts donuts of all-time

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(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

#9 The French cruller donut

Not everyone is into this, often bland, donut. So why did we include it here? Hear me out! Sure, it doesn’t pack on the flavor, but that’s the point. While most donuts can’t be eaten along with, say, a glass of orange juice, the french cruller can!

Face it. Most donuts are way too sweet to be accompanied with many other foods. Unless you want to wait until you have finished your meal to start eating your donut, your options are limited. You can’t eat an Oreo cookie donut, for example, with anything else other than maybe coffee of milk. But a French Cruller, however, can go with anything.

If you ask me, you get the best of both worlds with a French Cruller, a donut and you don’t need to wait to finish you meal first before digging into it. But, I do understand it’s not for everybody. And in my experience, the best french cruller donuts are at Dunkin Donuts.

#8 The Blueberry cake donut

Pairing this one along with the french cruller, this is another very similar donut you don’t have wait to eat last to enjoy. However, unlike the french cruller, the Blueberry Cake donut packs on a bit more flavor.

The main reason I love this donut is because you get your money’s worth for it! After all, isn’t the blueberry cake donut just a blueberry cake shaped as a donut? Exactly! It’s like getting three cupcakes in a donut — and I bet for a cheaper price, too.

In a hurry? Simply have a blueberry cake donut along with your favorite beverage (any drink will do) and you are all set!