10 greatest Dunkin Donuts donuts of all-time

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Dunkin Donuts via Sandy C.

#5 and #4 Vanilla or Chocolate with sprinkles

It truly can’t get any more traditional than a good ol’ traditional donut with sprinkles. When you crave a donut, one of these is likely the one that pops in your head. Will you have a chocolate or vanilla? The choice is all up to you!

These donuts are often the most festive. Depending on the location, the sprinkles are different colors or are the harder candy than basic sprinkles. You know what I’m talking about. For St. Patrick’s Day, for example, the sprinkles on the vanilla were green.

The frosting can change colors, too. It may taste just as chocolate frosting would, because it is chocolate frosting, but food coloring has been used to make it pink, for example. Dunkin Donuts bakers have a lot of fun with their creations. What sort of decorations have you seen?

#3 The Glazed Donut

Not in a colorful mood, but still searching for something sweet? The Glazed Donut is your spirit…food. Many of us don’t care about decorations. We just want a sweet treat! If this sounds like you, you probably only purchase and enjoy glazed donuts, the occasional french cruller, too. Hey, whatever floats your boat! Here at Guilty Eats, we don’t judge. In fact, I feel like having a glazed donut myself, too.