Sugar Bowl Bakery’s Duet Bites give you the best of both worlds


A brownie and madeleine in one never tasted so good! Sugar Bowl Bakery is here with Duet Bites to take you to pastry heaven.

Sugar Bowl Bakery has delivered a package of Duet Bites to my door, blessing my weekend with tasty treats! With spring in full swing, it’s time to stock up on candy and treats for the kids. After all, summer is just around the corner and they’re going to be craving something sweet!

Who are we kidding, though? These treats are not only for the kiddos. In fact, I haven’t shared that many Duet Bites with mine, to be honest. Because, who cares about a summer body when such delicious pastries exist?

Before Sugar Bowl Bakery sent these my way, I didn’t know about the company. It’s my first time sampling their products and Duet Bites was the perfect treat to start with, and now there’s no way I can go back to a regular brownie and madeleine combo!

Sugar Bowl Bakery, Duet Biets photo via Sandy C.

What do they taste like and where can you get your own? We’ve got all you need to know, below!

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Duet Bites are small, bite-size treats that are half brownie and half madeleine — 130 calories each. So you literally get the best of both worlds. These aren’t your choppy half and half snacks, either. They are baked with care and this is obvious from their appearance. It’s an even measurement as you can see from the photo I took myself, and they each packs a bite full of flavor.

As far as sweetness goes, I would say these are fairly sweet. If you have a sweet tooth, you’re going to love them! I enjoyed them with coffee and it was the perfect combo. And if you do care about that upcoming summer bod, these are small! Simply have one or two to satisfy a quick craving and you’re good to go! Once again, they are each 130 calories.

Parents: I’ve been using these as rewards for when mine finish their meal. Works every time!

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Where can you find Sugar Bowl Bakery products? Your local massive retailer! After learning about them, I’ve spotted their goodies at my local Walmart and Kroger store.

Check Sugar Bowl Bakery online here, everything they have to offer looks simply delicious!