Is Dunkin’ open on Easter Sunday, 2019?


Who doesn’t want a coffee and donut on Easter Sunday (or any day, really) from Dunkin’? But it open on Easter Sunday 2019?

We are only one week away from Easter Sunday! Planning on stopping by your favorite Dunkin’ location but aren’t sure if the donut shop is open on this holiday? We’ve got answers!

Chick-fil-A won’t be opening its doors on this day, for example. But that’s only because they never do on Sunday. Dunkin’ however, is welcoming one and all to their stores this Easter Sunday. That’s right, you can stop by for your favorite coffee and donut. Hey, it’s a holiday, why not even grab a dozen for your favorite co-wokers or family — if you’re off work that day.

According to Holiday Shopping Hours, a site we fully trust and go to in order to learn operation hours for our favorite restaurants, confirms that Dunkin’ only closes for one holiday and one holiday alone: Christmas Day.

As far as holiday hours go, that depends on each individual location. Also, remember Dunkin’ is a franchise, so there could be a few locations that don’t open on this day. It really depends on the owner.

On Easter, you should definitely stop by a Dunkin’ near you. Why? For their special Easter donuts, of course! They are delicious and almost too cute to eat! Kids in your home? These make the perfect gifts! Be sure to check out their Peep donuts, too! A must-have!

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How do you plan on celebrating Easter Sunday 2019? Searching for some delicious fast food or enjoying it with family and a home-cooked meal? Have a happy Easter! Be sure to tweet us with your favorite Easter meal. 

What’s your favorite donut this shop has ever created?