Easter candies you need to fill your basket with


Are you ready for Easter? If you’re still looking for candy to put in Easter baskets, check out these must-haves. They will not disappoint.

Easter is here and despite what you were told as a kid, the Easter bunny will not magically bring you a basket filled with candy. You have to do that yourself. But what candies are the best this time of year?

Let’s take a look!

Starburst Jelly Beans

You might be thinking that regular jelly beans are the best you can get but you would be wrong. The jelly beans that Starburst puts out are infinitely better and are the number one candy you need in your Easter basket this year.  They are fruity and flavorful and will literally make your mouth water. You won’t go back to regular jelly beans again.


Peeps are a classic for a reason. They are little mounds of sugary goodness shaped like baby chicks that are a must for any Easter basket. Whether you like them soft, a little stale so the sugar gets crispy, chocolate covered, or stuffed between two graham crackers for some awesome smores, Peeps have been around for so long for a reason. People love them!

Sour Patch Bunnies

Sour Patch Kids are basically the best candy on the planet. They are sour and sweet and gummy deliciousness. While they are normally shaped like little people, for Easter, they get turned into little bunnies. Same great taste but with a festive shape. And for the holiday, they also come in the normal size boxes or in mini bags that are perfect to fit in an Easter basket.

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Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rochers are really good any time of the year but they are especially good during Easter when the little chocolate balls come in all kinds of different packaging. Instead of the normal three to a pack you see at the checkout counter or the larger square you might see in the candy aisle, they have a bunny and egg shapes instead. Or if you want to be really decadent, you can get a huge Ferrero Rocher egg. And because it’s chocolate, don’t feel the need to share. Your family and friends can get their own.

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Reese’s Eggs

Speaking of chocolate, another classic treat is Reese’s egg. The combination of chocolate and peanut butter is always good and the egg shape makes it easy to stick into a basket and easy to eat as well. With the snap of the chocolate and the creaminess of the peanut butter, this classic is a favorite for a reason. If you don’t have at least one Reese’s egg, is it really Easter at all?

Chocolate Bunny

Every Easter basket needs some kind of chocolate bunny. it doesn’t matter what kind of chocolate you like best or whether it’s hollow, solid, or filled with caramel or peanut butter. You have to have some kind of bunny-shaped chocolate for the springtime holiday. Whatever kind of chocolate bunny you have, the real question is whether you bite off the ears first or if you start somewhere else?

Kinder Joy Egg

What’s better than chocolate in egg form? Getting a toy or a prize with it! This is especially true if you’re an adult and your mom (aka The Easter Bunny) doesn’t make you up a basket every year. With the Kinder Joy Egg, you a little bit of the surprise of Easter morning looking to see what you got in your basket and you get to eat the chocolate and cream that comes with it. And if you live in America, you might be experiencing the joy of the Kinder Egg for the first time since they had been banned up until 2018. Enjoy them while you can!

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What do you hope is in your Easter basket this year? Let us know in the comments!