Is McDonald’s open on Easter Monday 2019?


As much as we love all holidays, they often mess with the schedules of our favorite fast food restaurants. Will McDonald’s open its doors on Easter Monday, 2019?

We are all ready to indulge in Easter Sunday (and Monday) candy and other sweets! And, perhaps, also a vanilla cone from McDonald’s or a pack of chicken nuggets? That is, if McDonald’s is open for business on Easter Sunday. Here’s what we know!

Easter Sunday is quickly approaching, and after it comes Easter Monday. Not everyone may be participating Easter Monday. The more popular holiday that is observed by the majority is Easter Sunday. Still, with McDonald’s being a franchise, you never know how the schedule is going to be. I mean, if their ice cream machine is unpredictable, what else should we be ready for?

We visited Holiday Shopping Hours, as we always do whenever we are wondering what restaurants or fast food joints we can go to on any holiday, and here’s what they have shared. According to the source, McDonald’s is open for ALL holidays.

So if the fast food place is open for Christmas, for example, you bet it’s open on Easter Monday! However, please note that most locations operate different hours on major holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. Still, expect to see McDonald’s open just as always on Easter Monday. Time to get some happy meals for the kids!

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How do you plan on celebrating Easter Sunday 2019? Searching for some delicious fast food or enjoying it with family and a home-cooked meal? Keep an eye out on our updates on what locations are open and which close! Have a happy Easter! 

Will you visit McDonald’s this Easter Monday? Let us know!