Is Olive Garden open on Easter Sunday, 2019?


Continuing to bring you the latest scoop on which restaurants are open on Easter Sunday, here are the details on Olive Garden’s hours of operation on this day!

Ready for Easter this Sunday? The year sure is flying by! How will you be celebrating this holiday? Many of us, especially during busy times, simply don’t have time to prepare big meals. The easier and time-saving things to do? Go out to eat! And Olive Garden is one of my personal favorite places to sit down and enjoy a tasty meal.

With Easter Sunday approaching though, many are wondering if Olive Garden restaurants will be open for business. Regular hours for Olive Garden are 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. or later, depending on location, will Easter Sunday change things? Here’s what we know!

According to the trusted site, Holiday Shopping Hours, Olive Garden only closes down for two holidays each year: Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day. The source also makes it clear that this is true for most locations, just to be safe.

Knowing that, it’s a safe bet that Olive Garden is a place you can stop by to eat on Easter Sunday. Easter Monday is also included on days of operation, as is New Years, Mother’s Day, and many others.

Will you visit Olive Garden this Easter? You should! After church service, perhaps? Or just before heading out with the kids to do an Easter egg hunt? It’s all up to you (and your appetite).

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How do you plan on celebrating Easter Sunday 2019? Searching for some delicious fast food or enjoying it with family and a home-cooked meal? Keep an eye out on our updates! Have a happy Easter! Be sure to tweet us with your favorite Easter meal, especially if it’s at this restaurant.