Kellogg’s has created a Peeps cereal, God help us all


For Easter 2019, you won’t only have Peeps in candy form available to enjoy. Now, you can have it in cereal form, as well, thanks to Peeps cereal. God help us.

It was only a matter of time before Peeps would invade the cereal world. And we’re so glad they did! Thanks to cereal giant Kellogg’s, our worst fears have now been realized. The cereal maker has turned the Easter tradition into a breakfast cereal, also aptly called Peeps cereal.

Kellogg’s took the Peeps candy and baked it into their cereal, creating an Easter mosaic that is sure to please kids and horrify everyone else. Full disclosure: I am not a Peeps fan, not in the least bit.

I’ve never gotten why the marshmallow candies are so popular around Easter time. When I was young, I would either trade my Peeps for another candy with a friend or throw them in the garbage, where they belong.

There are others out there who feel the exact same way that I do about Peeps, but I can respect that there are fans who are going cray-cray over Peeps cereal. Don’t believe me? Check out these tweets:

Of course, if you’re like me, you saw the Peeps cereal and became instantly horrified, like these Twitter users:

I’ve never gotten high, but I suspect that Peeps cereal would taste disgusting even if your mind is temporarily impaired.

This begs the question: Why would Kellogg’s do this to us? Peeps are already a great divider during Easter, why in the world would they think that we needed a Peeps cereal for Easter? I don’t get this world at times.

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Regardless, Peeps cereal is here and are on store shelves, ready for Peeps lovers to consume, and for the rest of us to stare in horror. Hopefully, this will be a seasonal thing, because I don’t think I will be able to keep my sanity if I see Peeps cereal on the shelf in July.

Have you tried Peeps cereal? Would you try it? Comment below!