Square Organics protein bars are here to save us from going hangry


Protein bars are popular no matter the season, because when are we not busy or running late somewhere nowadays? Square Organics is here to save us from going hangry.

With busy schedules, we often have to skip breakfast or lunch or get a quick snack until we can have the time to grab a proper meal. To help us out, we often snack on a protein or granola bar. But there are a lot of problems with this. The main issue is that these bars are often packed with sugar or other unhealthy ingredients that won’t keep us satisfied or full for long. Not Square Organics.

The brand is a gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free protein bar made with 10g of sprouted plant protein. So if you’ve heard the saying “powered by plants” before, this is exactly what they mean. And, you guessed it, there are no refined sugars in Square Organics.

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CEO and co-founder, Sarah Gordon, helped create these bars after suffering from chronic asthma and food allergies as a teen. Gordon also has a program called BABS, a community connected to Square Organics that helps promote a healthy lifestyle for empowering females. The company also gives back 1% of their net sales to non-profits preventing human trafficking and slavery.

Now let’s get to taste testing these bars! 

I received the Best Sellers Chocolate Coated Combo from Square Organics and couldn’t wait to try them! The flavors included in this bundle are: Mint, Coconut, and Crunch. All chocolate coated.

Here’s my ranking of the three flavors and why:

  1. Chocolate Coated Coconut
  2. Chocolate Coated Crunch
  3. Chocolate Coated Mint

The coconut flakes are very present in the Coconut bar and I love that! It really gives it more flavor than just plain chocolate, which is how the Crunch tastes. This isn’t to hate on the Crunch bar, those who love chocolate will love Crunch! That said, I enjoy having a bit more flavor in my bar and that’s what Coconut provides. Finally, though the Mint flavor bar is tasty, I didn’t find anything unique about it as I did with the Coconut and Crunch bars.

Another thing I love about these Square Organics bars is the look of them. Not only is the packaging attractive, but they don’t look like your average granola or protein bars. These look like tasty chocolates! The texture is that of a chocolate bar, as well. Check out the image below to see what I mean.

Square Organics photo via Sandy C

My favorite claim from the company is: 

"Sprouted, whole grain plant-based protein keeps you fuller longer, yet requires significantly less water and resources to manufacture than animal based proteins."

You will immediately feel that you do become fuller faster.

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Where can you shop for these? These can be found at CVS stores. Visit Square Organics online to find a location near you. If you don’t have any luck there, shop for them online, here.