National Jelly Bean Day 2019: Fun Jelly Belly facts you didn’t know


It’s National Jelly Bean Day and what better way to celebrate than eating Jelly Belly candy. Here are some top, fun facts you most likely didn’t know.

Just in case you’re not candied out after Easter weekend, it’s National Jelly Bean Day today. This is a fun excuse to eat more candy, especially Jelly Belly candy.

Speaking of Jelly Belly, a rep got in touch with Guilty Eats to share some fun and funky facts about the company. Can you believe that you’ll find Jelly Belly in more than 80 countries? That’s just one of the easiest facts that you could have possibly guessed, along with one Jelly Belly jelly bean contains just four calories (that would likely be on the packaging, right?).

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To make your National Jelly Bean Day fun, here are some more fun facts that you’d never be able to guess in a million years.

There are plenty of fans of the delicious candies around the world. However, there’s a claim to fame in the fans. President Ronald Reagan was a huge fan of the beans, eating the original candies in the 1960s.

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It’s because of his love for the beans that Jelly Belly ended up being the first ever jelly beans to head out into space. They were included on the 1983 Challenge mission as a surprise for the astronauts. Let’s hope Regan chose the flavors the astronauts liked!

There are now more than 100 flavors of the beans, with new ones coming out every year. While we all have our favorites, there are three that Americans love the most. Licorice, Very Cherry, and Buttered Popcorn are the three of choice. Do you like any of them?

Jelly Belly takes the creation of the beans seriously. This isn’t a quick process. To make sure you get the best quality, the jelly beans take between seven and 14 days to make. Yes, that one astounded me!

Need more Jelly Belly facts for this National Jelly Bean Day? You can check out the infographics below kindly supplied by Jelly Belly.

Image Credit: National Jelly Bean Day, image acquired via Jelly Belly Image Credit: National Jelly Bean Day, image acquired via Jelly Belly

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Which Jelly Belly facts surprised you the most? Which are your favorite flavors? What are you eating this National Jelly Bean Day? Share in the comments below.