Celebrate Avengers: Endgame with some delicious food from the MCU

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The dish that launched a franchise! The humble Burger King cheeseburger was the first thing Tony Stark asked for after escaping captivity in Iron Man and it has now become a part of the hero’s legacy.

Way back in 2008, Iron Man was just a film featuring a superhero and nobody had any idea that it would be the first in a franchise that would go on to span more than 20 films, with even more on the way. And the cheeseburger definitely had a part to play in that.

The cheeseburger scene cemented Tony as a whole different kind of hero—one who was cocky and brash but with a heart of gold. It also displayed how much Tony had grown as a person during his time in captivity—he had changed from the self-serving, greedy, weapon-creating entrepreneur to a man who could see the bad in the world and now wanted to use his resources to save, not hurt. Also, it shows how much Tony loves eating—as witnessed later in The Avengers when Tony walked around with a bag of blueberries, which he kindly offered everyone around him.

So, after watching Avengers: Endgame, when you want to celebrate Tony Stark, the man, the hero, the legend, head to your nearest Burger King, order a cheeseburger and reminisce about the superhero who started it all.