Coca-Cola: 10 best Coke flavors of all-time, ranked

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6. Lemon Coca-Cola

We’re almost halfway through our ranking now and just missing out on the top half of the list is Lemon Coca-Cola. Another flavor that was pretty much being made by bartenders before Coca-Cola rolled it out in a can, you honestly can’t go wrong with this one.

It’s a great flavor to have during the summer months. The great thing about the flavor is if you can’t find the drink being sold it is easy to recreate. Simply grab a lemon and cut a thin slice and throw it into your glass. That, or cut a wedge and place it on the rim of the glass.

5. Coca-Cola Zero

OK. We’re counting down and getting closer and closer to the number one Coca-Cola drink of all time and Coca-Cola Zero is the flavor we are going to look at now. This flavor has been on the rise for the past few years now.

If we had done this list a couple of years ago Coca-Cola Zero would have been nearer the bottom of the ranking table, but, after one or two revamps on the recipe, it has raised up, killed off Coca-Life, and solidly planted itself in the number 5 spot.